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Can I Call To Book?
Call to Book / Within 24 hours
We have a “call to book” on any room less than 24 hours away. While we will endeavour to accommodate last minute bookings, this will depend on the availability of staff. Please pre-book your room in advance when ever possible.

Opening Hours
12:00 – 21:00 Monday to Thursday
10:00 – 21:00 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Want to Escape
40a Newton Road
NN10 0HD Rushden

Last Minute Bookings & Questions
The best way to enquire about same day bookings is to call 01933 311 309. Please be aware that if we do not have staff available we will be unable to take same day bookings.
For less urgent questions, please email us on and we will respond swiftly!

Could We Have Played These Rooms Before At Another Venue?
No. We design and build our own rooms, so the game experience you have with us will be unique.

What Do Players Do In The Rooms?
Firstly – search! Rooms have a combination of physical, logical and numerical problems. Teamwork is essential to escape but most importantly – HAVE FUN!

How Long Does It Take?
Please arrive 10 minutes early for the briefing. Check each room’s page for details – but we have 60 min and 75 min rooms available.

If I Book, Do I Get The Room To Myself?
Yes. Even if there are only 2 of you, no-one else can join that game time.

Can I Book Multiple Rooms For The Same Time?
The rooms have off-set timings to aid customer flow through the reception. However, if you would like to book multiple rooms at once we are happy to adjust the timings as much as possible so that rooms start at the same time. Please simply email and we will organise as required:

Is It Safe / Scary? What Are The Difficulties In The Rooms?
It is absolutely safe and not scary at all. There is only one room within a room that is locked (via a magnetic lock) where you have an emergency exit button. ALL other rooms (or rooms within rooms) are NOT LOCKED and you could exit at will. Each room is ranked by us for the intended difficulty of the challenge.

Is There A Leaderboard?
Yes. Each team will be photographed with their escape time and entered onto the board.

Do The Room Themes Change?
Yes, every couple of years. Please leave your email address if you would like to be notified.

Are These Any Age Restrictions?
We recommend 8+, but wouldn’t restrict anyone from having a go. Children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I Park My Car?
Yes. There is plenty of space for parking on site and it’s FREE.

I have Claustrophobia/Anxiety, Can I Play?
The rooms are themed but not restrictive, and contain an emergency exit, or in the case of rooms based on an Objective rather than escaping, the door isn’t locked.

We are as flexible as possible. We will look to alter the booking to another convenient date / time, or make a note of the outstanding booking and you can choose an alternative later.

I will do my utmost to accommodate any problems and therefore cancellations, however there are business issues that I am sure customers appreciate – for example having to staff rooms and rotas in particular, but also slots not being available for other bookings and cost of receiving payments themselves. I have tried to develop the most accommodating policy: Any booking cancelled with 4 + weeks notice, a full refund will be offered. Any booking cancelled with 1 + week notice will be charged £5 to cover costs, with the balance being returned. Any booking cancelled with 24 + hours notice will be charged the minimum room cost of £14 per person, The balance will be returned. Any booking cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or a team who do not turn up will be offered no refund. Obviously in extreme circumstances and as always at the managers discretion we may be able to be more accommodating. I trust customers appreciate the desire to be flexible while understanding the costs and issues we face in the event of cancellations. Please note we have large time-slots for each booking to try to minimise problems with traffic or early / late arrivals.

I hope it would be clear that we will not accept abusive language or behaviour towards staff – either on the phone or in person. If this was to occur we reserve the right to reject your custom and/or eject you from the premises.

What is an escape room?
Escape Rooms are one hour, live-action games for teams of two or more. The goal is to solve puzzles, find clues, and unlock the secrets of the room before the time runs out.

Who can play?
Anyone! Whether a team of friends, family, colleagues or hens/stags, we accommodate for all.

How to Play
There’s no right or wrong way to play an escape room, but here’s some tips and tricks to keep in mind: You will never need outside knowledge all the answers can be found within the room. Search nice and thoroughly! You never know where we might be hiding a key or a clue. All codes will open only one lock, all keys will only open one lock. Once you’re done with it, feel free to leave it in the lock so you know you won’t need to use it again. Communicate!

Can A Hard Of Hearing / Deaf Team Play?
Absolutely. We can tailor the rooms for deaf teams and all clues are typed onto a screen in the room.

When Are You Open?
We are open: Monday – Thursday: 12 noon to 9 pm (last room starts at 8 pm), Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 am to 9 pm (last room starts at 8 pm).

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